March: Holy Days - Our Church Name Day

                Annunciation Name Day - March 25th

                Greek Independence Day – March 25th  

April: Holy Week and Pascha

                 Palm Sunday – April 21st

                 Great & Holy Pascha - April 28th

July: Greek Culture in America  

                Greek Food Festival - July 26th,  27th, 28th


The feast of the Holy Theophany is the traditional season for house blessings.  If your house has not been blessed in the past few years, please make an appointment for a house blessing.  This will be an excellent opportunity for Fr. Costin to meet the whole family.  

Please call the church office (978)465-5757 for an appointment.

Save the Date 

Saturday, March 9th - 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy with General Trisagion, 2nd Saturday of souls followed by Mac & Cheese Workshop starting at 11:00 AM.

Sunday, March 10th - 10 AM Divine Liturgy with Vespers of Forgiveness followed by Macaroini & Cheese (Cheesefare Luncheon)

Tuesday, March 12th - 7 PM GLAS meeting 7:00 PM, Klidaris conference room

Sunday, March 25th - Annunciation Name Day & Greek Independence Day 

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